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Basement Lowering, Underpinning and Basement Renovations

Typical cost for preparing the complete design package required by the municipality for a basement lowering project is between $2,000.000 (for underpinning and design only) to around $2,900.00 if you want us to design the new interior basement space. If you are also doing a basement walkout, the additional costs will apply. Note that the above fees assume that you have supporting documents for your property, such as a survey, available for our use. 

If you are planning to lower your basement floor, then your will require a building permit, and the municipality will require that you retain a structural engineer to prepare drawings for you. Typically, a series of 4' wide holes, separated by 8' of undisturbed soil, is prepared and filled with concrete. Once the first series of underpinning segments are complete, then the adjacent 4' wide segment is dug-out, and the underpinning process continues. The municipality is also very likely going to ask you to have your engineer carry out periodic inspections of the underpinning operations, and to provide the municipality with site reviews. Reports which can confirm that the underpinning work is being carried out in accordance with the design. Site inspections int he GTA area will cost $500.00 HST including reports. Make sure that you check the level of sanitary sewer connection before starting this type of work. If the sewer is higher than your basement floor, you may then have to install a sanitary ejector pump in the basement at an additional cost (usually around $3,500.00). 

Finally, make sure that the water table is not so high that your new basement floor is "under water" of very close to the water table level. 

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